SEPTEMBER 25 – 27, 2020
Streaming live From
and around the world
with Special Guests
- Neta & Gon - Jorge Vilchis -
- Fernanda Sumano - Poki McCorkle -
- Guillaume Martinet -
- Sonal Aggarwal - Izzy Thomas - Dresden Blue -
- Rob Brown - Taylor Glenn - Exuro Piechocki -
- Naomi Shafer - Cyril Rabbath - Anni Küpper -
- Tyler Spades - Shireen Press - Spencer Sprocket -
- Krystin Railing - Josie Mae - Bri Crabtree -



Streaming live on twitch.tv/portlandjugglers

We know you're excited to see the show! 
Join us on Saturday September 26th at 6pm to watch the show together.

The show will be shown at Twitch.tv/portlandjugglers







































Tickets - The 2020 Online Show will be shown at no cost to anyone!

$0 Adult

$0 Student with ID

$0 Child (12 & under) and Senior (62+)

The 2020 Show Lineup

- Neta Oren & Gon Fernandez








Compagnie Stoptoi (featuring jugglers Neta Oren and Gon Fernandez)
They are a french-spanish-israeli company who combine stunning ball and ring juggling with energetic percussion. They describe their show as "juggling concert & rock'n'roll". This is a must-see of innovative juggling.
Find out more about their work here:

- Jorge Vilchis

Coming to you with some fresh club juggling and manipulation is Jorge Vilchis from Mexico!
Jorge is one of the most influential and important jugglers in Latin America today as both a performer and a teacher.
He is creating a custom video that will have its world-premiere at Portland Juggling Festival and will feature his special brand of club juggling.


- Poki McCorkle

Matthew "Poki" McCorkle creates mesmerizing and surreal spectacles. Their unique acts have been presented around the world including: Europe's finest dinner varietè shows in Vienna, Berlin, Nürnberg & Hamburg, Stuttgart with Palazzo, for the Sheikh of Sharjah in Dubai with Cirque Éloize, and Palestine West Bank with Clowns Without Borders. But, this was all pre-COVID--nowadays Poki is hunkered down in an old travel trailer just south of Bellingham WA, growing a beard, and making a small ruckus.


- Guillaume Martinet

Guillaume is a ball juggler and performer from France and cofounder of the Compagnie Defracto. He won the special prize of the jury of Festival mondial du Cirque de demain in 2009 with a solo creation, “Cinétique TOC”. 

In 2014, the video project “Digink” corealized with Eloi Prieur won the Premier prix of Festival international de Jonglerie en Image.


- Fernanda Sumano


with MC Sonal Aggarwal

Watch the show

September 26th at 6pm


Mud Bay Jugglers
Leapin' Louis Lichtenstein - Big Lariat
Reid Belstock
Stanford Juggling Research Institute
Slack Rope
Sarah Liane Foster
Robert 'Butterfly Man' Nelson
Rob Brown
Rhys Thomas
Quarteto Club Passers
Leapin' Louis Lichtenstein - Whips
Kari Revolva
Leapin' Louis Lichtenstein - Lariat
Is This Curt
Henrik B and Stevie G
Dave Clay
Club Trio
Checkerboard Guy
Charlie Brown
Eh 2
Bekka Rose
Patrick McGuire

Photos copyright © Steven L. “Skippy Steve” Price 



SEPTEMBER 25  27, 2020

Online via Zoom and Twitch.tv

The Portland Juggling Festival is three days of workshops, online hangouts, and the first ever Virtual edition of the Juggling & Vaudeville Extravaganza show.

All aspects of the event are free of charge!!

Ben Linder Memorial Award
for Inspiration

Every year the Ben Linder Memorial Award for Inspiration is given out to a juggler nominated by festival attendees. It is typically given to a juggler who is present at the event. Click Here to read more about the Ben Linder Award and to make a nomination for 2020.

Buy some Portland Juggling Festival Gear!

T-shirts, Facemasks, and Tote Bags featuring the 2020Portland Juggling Festival design are available at Teespring.com. Check it out and get the coolest(maybe the only??) juggling festival gear of 2020!

Stevie G
Steals and Replacements
Rola Bola and Clubs
Rhys Thomas - Big Balls
Plate Manipulation
Patrick McGuire
Open Juggling
Women Jugglers
Open Juggling 2
Steals and Replacements 2
Head Balance
Kari Revolva
Club Passing on Unicycles
Stevie G with Steals
Godfrey Daniels and Godfrey Daniels
Group Club Passing


The Portland Juggling Festival is all about sharing skills, helping each other learn and grow. We provide a full roster of workshops taught by our special guests and by local artists. All workshops for 2020 will be hosted via Zoom. 

Click on any title on the schedule to be taken to the corresponding Zoom Room or Twitch Channel.

Click Here To View The Schedule In Google Drive

There is no advance sign up for workshops, just show up, participate, and have fun. 


-Anni Küpper

-Bri Crabtree

-Cyril Rabbath

-Dresden Blue

-Exuro Piechocki

-Izzy Thomas

-Josie Mae

-Krystin Railing

-Naomi Shafer

-Poki McCorkle

-Rob Brown

-Shireen Press

-Spencer Sprocket

-Taylor Glenn

-Tyler Spades





September 25, 2020

6:00 pm the Zoom Room opens for hangout time

??:00 pm club renegade?

12:00 am the Zoom Room closes until the morning


September 26, 2020

10:00 am to 6:00 pm workshops, and Zoom Room hangout time

6:00 pm Virtual juggling & vaudeville extravaganza show, on twitch.tv/portlandjugglers

7:00 to TBD (2:00 am) late night juggling Zoom Room


September 27, 2020

10:00 am to 6:00 pm workshops and Zoom Room hangout time


8:00 pm festival closes, see you next year


The Portland Jugglers meet every Wednesday from 7:00 to 9:00 pm at the Reed College Sports Center. It is free and open to the public. All kinds of juggling, object manipulation, and circus skills are welcome. People are always available to help get you started or learn a new trick.

The Reed College Sports Center (map) is located off SE 28th Ave. between Woodstock Blvd. and Steele St. Enter through the door on the southwest corner of the building. During the summer, when the weather is nice, we are on the west side of the Performing Arts Building; otherwise we meet in the adjacent Sports Center.

Reed College began offering juggling as a PE class in 1979, and it was open to the public who frequently brought new skills to the college class. The public component grew into the Portland Jugglers, and we continue to meet weekly concurrent with the college class. We are grateful to Reed College for helping foster Portland's vibrant juggling community.






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